Privacy Policy

Mata Balak Utkarsha  Pratishthan (MBUP) –

Policy for Consideration, Acceptance & Non Acceptance of Donations.

  1. This Policy is applicable for all Grants / Donations received by MBUP from Individual Donors, Corporate Grants under CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) , Donations in terms of Money , in Kind or Service from donors located in India & Abroad.
  2. MBUP works for the community at large irrespective of the Cast or Religion or Sect of the beneficiaries. Hence MBUP shall not accept donations meant  for furtherance of cause of  beneficiaries having specific cast or religious orientation.
  3. MBUP will accept donations if the purpose of the donation is aligned with the Mission & Vision statement & the Areas of  MBUP’s work.
  4. MBUP shall not accept donations from Unidentified donors.
  5. MBUP shall not accept donations from persons / Organizations known to be involved in fraudulent transactions.
  6. The donation is non refundable unless it is stated in contract or agreement or agreed conditions between the donor & MBUP.   
  7. MBUP will not get involved in execution of a project where the expenses incurred by MBUP are deemed to be  prohibitive as evaluated by MBUP or are greater than the fund being made available by the Donor.  
  8. Generally MBUP shall not start working on a project unless the funds are made available by the Donor. Exception to this rule shall be at the discretion of MBUP .

Definition of Scope of Project – A project could involve Procurement of Material, Installation of System, Hiring Services, Construction work or similar work for which a Donor provides Donation &/ or  assistance in any other form.