Quality Education – Utkarsh Vidyalaya

Our School is a special School for children of low income farmers from villages around.

We provide them good education with physical fitness and life skills with values.

The students in this school have achieved high academic heights and many of them are reputed and adorable, able personalities in society.

Our goal is to develop brain, body and mind of students and try to shape
them in good human beings.

Following are the activities to reach our goal, with base

  1. Equity
  2. Contextual Relevance
  3. Friendly atmosphere
  4. Balanced mind
  5. Sustainability

All are given equal opportunities

All Skills other than academic skills are also given a loud appreciation

Contextual Relevance

Happenings in surrounding environment, like Natural and cultural, politics, science technology etc. are co-related with education

Child friendly atmosphere

Teachers have good rapport with students. The school campus is secure and beautiful.

Balanced Thinking

We try to teach the students to introspect and accept the facts after analyzing.

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She stays in a village called Ekhatpur
, about 6 Km away from Sangola. A very intelligent girl frm a poor farmer’s family. She captured a silver medal in the all Maharashtra ‘’Balvaidnyanik’’ (young scientist) competition held by the Dr. Homi Bhabha Centre in Mumbai.But her family cannot afford the expenses of her travel to and fro to the school, leave aside themoney to go to Mumbai. This talented child needs help.

Tejaswini Ingole

Rushi is now studying in grade 6. His father works as a driver of a transportation vehicle and has a farm. The mother looks after their farm. However the scarcity of water is a big challenge. He has to work in the farm to help his mother. He has to work in the farm regularly throughout the year, to contribute to their family expenses.
In spite of this he appeared in the merit list of competitive exam conducted by Maharashtra State Govt.And got 21 rank in the State merit list.

Rushi pailwan

Pratiksha is a brilliant girl. She likes to work in the science lab. Presently she is in 7 th grade However she loves to look after the family’s poultry too. She takes care of hens and sells their eggs. This helps her to buy her books. She comes from a low income farmer family like many other students in our school. She had bagged a good no. of marks and was in the State merit list when she was in 5th grade. To repeat the history she is trying hard. She never forgets to help her mom by bringing firewood to cook and feeding their buffalo every day. She has dreams to appear in the State merit list when she will be in 8th grade.

Pratiksha Phule

This seventh standard student walks 4 km everyday from her home to attend the school. Durva has a lot of talents. She dances beautifully, her drawing is excellent. Board writing, class decorations, charts. – you ask her for anything, she will do it and do it artistically. She has had a lot of awards and medals in the inter school dancing as well as drawing competitions. She is very good at her studies also but has to help a lot in domestic care of the dairy animals. Actually it looks like this talented girl can become a wonderful designer. We hope she gets the financial help that is needed to achieve that dream.

Durva Nanavare

This 7th standard boy easily gets more than 90% marks in all exams. Science and English are his favourite subjects. He comes daily from his village -Medshingi about 10 Km. from school at Sangola. To earn the travelling expenses he works hard at the farm saving the labor cost of at least one adult laborer. Piyush has a dream of acquiring high educational qualifications and becoming a collector. If this talented boy gets financial help, we will definitely have an ex student as our collector.

Piyush Raut

Past students

Ashish Nashte

Ashish Nashte

B. E. (Computer Science Engineer)

In early 80’s, 90’s when rural India would have been unaware & women’s potential & their role in overall development & society. Group & very enthusiastic, committed, hard working women came together and started transformational Movement by giving education to rural students, and empowering rural women.

They have been leading by example every single day for brighter today & tomorrow & rural women & children. This Organization has set very high benchmark & ethical, sincere, innovative , hard working & sustained development model for any Organization in Rural India.

My teachers, each and every member associated with my school would have done small sacrifices every other day giving us blue print and confidence that we can do great things. All credit goes to my school & my parents where I am today. I shall always remain indebted
to my school & my Parents for that I shall be just call away when my school needs me.

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Amol Deshamukh

Amol Deshamukh

M. Com

I took the primary education from 1st
to 5th std. in Mata Balak Utkarsh Pratishthan, Sangola. I met with polio attack in my childhood years in the both legs. However , this primary school, at that time, was a boon to me not only In the education but also good virtues, discipline, values, shaping my life and my future life was raised. My mammy Used to take me to school and bring me back. I didn’t know that I will become CA (Chartered Accountant) ahead. All the school teachers, staff, Dr. Sanjeevani Kelkar Bai were very helpful to me. I am grateful to them forever.

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Amey Mohan Maske

Amey Mohan Maske

Education- HSC.Ded.BA.Bed

School is the second home of students as we say teacher is second mother…. my school and my teachers taught me to be good citizen and a good human being…. only making should not be our goal but to be a good human…. thank you very much to all my teachers, principal and my school… thanks a lot.

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Aditi Kulakarni

Aditi Kulakarni

B. E. (Electrical)

‘ Ideal’ seems to be very small word while describing my school. Life lasting good values given by this school and teachers here are very much useful for me now as well. Getting a chance to learn in such a school is my great luck!

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