Health Care

Health Care

Health Care

Started in 1982 The first initiative was to build up HB levels in rural women. Since then 7400 women are examined. After Hb, we took assessment camps for BSL( Blood Sugar Level), Blood Group in hand & examined 3500 patients.

So far check up camps are organized in different 24 villages of Sangola Tahsil.

Total no. of beneficiaries – 32407 so far

We started Free examination and treatment for needy infants and children.
Assessment of Hb, BSL , Bld group
Cardiac diagnostic camps
Bone density diagnostic camps
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Our previous successful projects


The main objective of this project was to reduce the mother mortality & infant mortality rate.

Based on our survey about the availability of the medical facilities like govt. health centers or private doctors in the villages near Sangola , the requirement was to reach to such villages. U.V Patel foundation, through Seva Sahayog , gracefully donated a mobile van popularly known as “Aarogyadoot” which worked since April 2008 to 2012. As the name depicts, it was working as a messenger of “HEALTH”. This van used to visit 12 villages in the interior areas where currently no medical facilities were available. A Lady doctor accompanying the van provided the medical service to the villagers once in a week, the work being very similar to an OPD. The fully equipped Mobile clinic also contained a well maintained small pharmacy which provided medicines at very affordable rates . Having this kind of advanced facility was really a boon for the remote villagers.

Through this program , spcial focus was given to reduce the mother and infant mortality rate in those villages. By routine antenatal check- up and insisting for hospital deliveries and educating them for infant care, the mortality rate was reduced in these villages. After 2012, to take care of the villagers & follow the program, we trained local rural women as Health workers and their work still goes on in the selected villages.

Gardi Health Project – free health service to women above 40 yrs of age

Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan has been conducted a special health Check up program for women above 40 yrs in Village ‘Gardi’ , Village ‘Gardi’ was selected for this activity as there is no doctor available for the village population of about 3500 people. A primary health subcentre of Govt. is available in the village but the facilities there are insufficient for the needs.179 women are beneficiries. Their ophthalmic, dental, medical and gynac check up was done at primary level and according to their needs the treatment is being given free of cost.

Out of 179 women 16 were anaemic who were given medicines. All the investigations & surgical interventions has been done free of cost.

Galavewadi Project

In the year 2015, we selected a ‘No medical facility’ village – ‘Galavewadi’ for health awarness. We introduced smokeless chullas, benefits of private tiolets, importance of good diet and pure drinking water.SHGs were formed and women started their own business like groccery shop, flour mill.

For children – The students were given story books bag for reading and seeds to sow for kitchen garden.
3 malnourished kids were taken care of by providing nutritious food.

Success Stories

Shahanaj maneri

Shahanaj maneri

Shahanaj is 28 years old. Her family consists of her husband, 2 children and the in-laws. A low income family, actually below the poverty line. To add to the woes, the husband is an alcoholic. When he is drunk, Shahanaj bears the brunt of his torture. After the 2 children, Shahanaj had to undergo MTP three times. She was fed up with all this. She tried to get her tubal ligation done in various governmental camps, but was refused due to a higher sugar level.

When she came to know that MBUP arranges free laparoscopic tubal ligations camp, she came to the office, told her pathetic story to the workers and begged them to get her operated. MBUP got her registered and started treatment for the high blood sugar. After the sugar was controlled, she was operated for free along with nine other womens. 

Shahanaj became very happy after the operation. MBUP arranged for her husband’s counseling. His drinking problem reduced, he had to stop hitting her and torturing her. Shahanaj became fearless. The operation changed her life totally. She now had a smile on her face and confidence in her attitude. Now she is working as a janitor in MBUP, earning some money and the healthy environment in the institution is helping her grow both in her self-valuation as well as her courage.

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Bhagubai Chavan

Bhagubai Chavan

This 56 years old lady had a lot of problems, financial and otherwise. The husband was a nonentity. She had only one daughter but unfortunately she was divorced. Manual labour in the fields was the only source of income for Bhagubai. During last  10 – 15  years she had developed a tumor near her waist and it was growing. The manual labour was becoming more and more difficult. Doctors were advising operation to remove the tumor but like all rural Indians , Bhagubai was extremely nervous and frightened  of any operation. And she didn’t have the money for the procedure also. The tumor was growing slowly and gradually her leg had started hurting badly. 

MBUP celebrated the completion of 40 years – a ruby festival. During the festival under the heading of ‘future plan for health’, a free treatment camp for the women was held in the village Gardi. All the volunteers worked diligently. 178 women over the age of 40 had a free medical check up – eyes, teeth, respiratory and cardiovascular, orthopaedic and gynaec – all problems were examined along with pathological tests. 

Bhagubai was told that unless the tumor ( a lipoma ) was removed, she would not recover. She was convinced after the workers talked to her and of course the operation was totally free of cost. Her anxiety was managed properly and Dr Ketki Deshpande  arranged the removel of tumour in her hospital free of cost. 

Bhagubai who used to be anxious all the time, is smiling now. The tumor hadn’t allowed her to sleep comfortably for years and she used to be in pain always. Now all that has changed. Bhagubai goes to work in a happy state of mind and of course gives her blessings to MBUP all the time. 

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