Impact on Society Name Year of starting No. of Beneficiaries till March 2019
1 Healthcare 1982 32407
2 Support to struggle against injustice 1990 5340
3 Skill development trainings 1992 3776
4 Financial independence 1995 4340
5 Environmental awareness 1997 More than 45000/-


In 1974-75 the Sangola taluka in Solapur district was arduously recovering from the severe drought of 1972. All the village population was tattering under the loans, the loan sharks, arguments, court cases, the really troublesome taboos and the equally troublesome social traditions. Alcoholism and other addictions with the Blind faiths were adding to the already severe problems. In these dark and depressing times the rural woman was searching vainly for a ray of light with her children by her side. 

We, the founder members of MBUP, had a lot of sympathy and empathy for the rural women. To bring a light to their dark path of life, we started our work in 1978 hoping to bring some light of happiness and little prosperity to the rural women of Sangola and transformational movement was rooted.

After more than 40 years of endless efforts, the fruits of this hard work are now being seen in the form of enlightened villagers all over the area. The picture of course is heartening with a lot of hope as the changes seem to be permanent rather than temporary. 

Here are some of the changes that have come about in the lives of the villagers. There is no scale by which they can be measured accurately but one can see the welcome changes in the lives of the rural women in all concerned fields.

It’s a pleasure to observe transformational changes in various fields.

  1. Social
  2. Social Injustice
  3. Health
  4. Skill Development
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Culture and Art
  7. Financial independence
  8. water management
  9. Education
  10. Developmental progress and transformation in the organization

In social atmosphere of rural Sangola, we find many examples of changes for betterment.

  1. The working woman stepping out of the house and living a confident social life is seen differently today. The view that used to be “working woman means a woman with bad character” has changed and she is no longer stamped as such. 
  2. Because of the trust in the strict moral discipline in the institution, more and more rural women are allowed to participate in various activities because their families trust  MBUP 
  3. Due to our caring for the psychological needs of the participating women a lot of changes can be observed 
    a) The birth of a girl child is actually welcomed instead of being shunned.
    b) Education status of girls is improving because of financial assistance (on repayment basis ) by Prof. Yamato Kawakami Foundation, Pune.
    c) Hobby & Guidance groups of teenage girls  have helped them to understand and talk freely about the difficulties and the dangers of the adolescent   period.
    d) The age of marriage for the girls is on the rise.
    e) The society which was fiercely opposing and resistant to the re-marriages of the widows and divorcees is experiencing a change. Such marriages are now taking place due to the support of the organization.
    f) Age-old customs based on blind faith are declining. There is more peace in the households and less addictions due to the economic progress and betterment.

 Social awareness and treatment of anemia has helped more than 7000 women. Family planning is being practiced more and more because of our training about spacing methods.  A lot of healthy practices are being used more and more. They include proper washing of hands, use of soap, habits including healthy diet, not too much fasting, Clean and safe drinking water, avoiding wastage of water and the need to build private toilets and their regular use.

  • ‘Aarogyadoot’(A Mobile clinic van & support staff) plan is helping some villages that were previously barren of health services. Here the medium is First aid box.
  • Awareness about importance of Antenatal care and of newborns in 8 villages where no medical facilities were available and we are successful in bringing down their death rate.

With the encouragement from the institution, a group of entrepreneurs named Sakhi Saheli Manch is producing large number of eating items both sweet and spicy. These items have attracted a lot of customers from Pune and Solapur area under the brand ‘Gram Sakhi’. This group is running a snacks centre in Sangola under guidance of MBUP.

Culture and Art
  1. Our Utkarsha  Public Library –   Number of lady members is in majority . The library arranges competitions like –
    a) Presentation of self written poem, b) essay writing ,c) Award for a student every month    who reads the highest no. of pages of extracurricular books( वाचकवीर) (some years ago children did not know about extracurricular reading.)  d) Illocution competitions on various subjects.
  2. Utkarsha Kala manch –  This is an initiative to entertain Sangola people who have good appreciation for arts . We stage 1 drama, 1 music concert,  one man show & stage show for children, every year.People in Sangola are happy because there was no other entertainment in Sangola except ‘Sangeet bari’ ( Tamasha – Folk art of Dancing)
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