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We came across hundreds of cases during the past ten years . Now we are running a family counseling centre aided by Central Social Welfare Board,Delhi.(Govt. of India)

In terms of % our success can be measured as follows -

  • Successful resolution of the problem- 50 %
  • Counseling continues - 25 %
  • Decisions are taken by the concerned parties on their own -15 %
  • Unsuccessful cases - 10 %

We have qualified counselors ( M.S.W.) to carry out this counseling.Counseling is given to all concerns i.e. husband, wife, and other relatives. As required, .counselors visit homes and check the well being of the women even after the settlement of the disputes. The 'Anyaaya Nivaran Samiti' and 'Maitreen Kutumba Salla kendra' (family counseling centre )have occupied a respectable place in the society. With the vigilant approach of FCC ,there is always a threat to the misbehaving people."

Growing needs and increasing expectations are leading to disappointments on the part of married woman. She is at the mercy of her in - laws. Demand of dowry during the marriage, demand of money after the marriage, and the subsequent ill treatment given to the woman leads to unrest. Inability to fulfill the demands of the in - laws leaves the woman with no choice but to turn to her parents. They are also equally helpless due to poverty. In such cases they are not in a position to support her. This leaves the woman totally helpless and vulnerable. Sometimes she starts thinking about committing suicide as she gets distanced both from her parents and from her in - laws.

We at Family Counseling Centre work with the objective of restoring the family ties. Along with the counseling of the woman we also talk to her in laws / parents and resolve the issues in a mutually agreeable manner. Once this happens and she goes back to her husband,we also carry out follow - up visits to check whether the woman is being treated properly. Confidentiality holds the key to our success. This converts both the woman and her relatives all time well wishers of our organization.

Awareness program by Fcc Awareness program by Fcc

Family counseling centre

Legal Counseling for women

Family counselling centre

Illuminating legal Complication for Lay men, focusing on legal aid and securing their rights, our team of efficient and learned Legal counselors, provides free legal counseling to women in the rural vicinity. Having a special place under Domestic Violence Act, our legal team makes all possible attempts to protect the innocent and helps judiciary to dispense justice.