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Utkarsha Vidyalaya
Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratisthaan a movement of social change that is driven by the women from Sangola which belongs to the perpetually draught stricken Solapur district of Maharashtra. These women have tremendous inspiration, urge and determination for their noble cause. Since 1979, this institution has been working for 5 facets of rural welfare, namely, education, health, fighting against injustice, financial independence and ecological awareness.

In 1977-1978 emergency was declared in India, which prompted some like-minded women to come together to work on social issues. In 1978-1979 they formed a “Saha Vichar Kendra” (Center for Like- minded women), and weekly meetings began at this center. Rural women from all religions, castes and socio-economic and educational backgrounds started attending these meetings. These women registered the institution “Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthaan (MBUP)” to provide a formal foundation for their social activities. MBUP started “Jija Mata Bal Sanskar Varga” in 1979 to provide moral education to young children. Further in 1980, “Balwadi” i.e. childrens’ play school was started by the institution, which became quite popular. As a result, the primary school was started in 1981 on the request of local population. Some of the loyal members of MBUP were trained as teachers for the pre-primary and primary classes of the newly established school. The current students’ strength of the school is 813. Standard 5th was started in 2012 and it is proposed to add one level every year, till 10th standard, which will be an important milestone for the school. Through the synergy of mind, determination and intelligence, this school has already earned the reputation of bringing about overall development of the rural children.

Utkarsha Vidyalaya: established in 1983. So far 4000 students have been educated in this school. The students have been regularly earning awards in several inter-school competitions: elocution, dance, drawing etc. The school holds regular meetings with the parents of the students and also makes home-visits, thereby bringing the rich culture to their homes as well. Apart from regular teaching, the school also runs several initiatives for the children such as, Moral education, Hobby clubs, Kishori vikas varga – personality development for adolescent girls, Free education center, Utkarsha kalavardhini – art workshops etc. So far 800 students have participated in these initiatives.

Since 2012 we have started 5th std class and every year we are adding one std. From this year (2015), 8th standard classes have started in the school. Since last year, OWCF, USA has been providing financial aid to the school for building the necessary infrastructure.

Due to personal attention provided to each student, encouraging self study, computer training, freedom for experimentation in the laboratories, rich library resource and sports training from experts, offer excellent development opportunity for every student of the school. This school is being considered as a great boon to the parents of local school children in Sangola. The current statistics of the school is given below:

  Number of students Number of teachers Number of non-teaching staff
Pre-primary school 250 10 3
Primary school 502 14 7
Higher-primary school 190 6 1
Total strength 942 30 11