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It was eight to ten months into the marriage for Pramila Mande who had finished her 12 th standard with 65 % marks. She wanted to study further . However due to poverty in the family the mother did not allow her to study further and instead got her married. Her husband was working in a private firm but was addicted to liquor and also involved in adultery. He used to come back home fully drunk and used to beat pramila. He was not paying any attention to the family.

Pramila could not sustain this torture and decided to come back to her mother . She had no father and mother was not ready to take care of her.

She eventually started working in the field doing labor work.

One day she came to know about the Anyaya Nivaran Samitee ( Committee set up to eradicate injustice) run by Mata Balak Utkarsh Pratishthan. She met this committee along with one of her neighbours and submitted her application about the injustice being caused.The committee called her husband to their office where he came, fully drunk ! He was not even able to talk.

The committee found out his background from the villagers. His behaviour was immoral earlier as well and was having an affair with some other lady. His parents thought that he would improve once he gets married . However there was no improvement and now they were raising their hands .e xpressing helplessness.

Ujjwala approached Sanjutai of MBUP and requested for help. She was a good student and wanted to learn more . She desperately wanted to get out of the mess created by her husband and was eager to begin a new life.She pleaded Show me the path !

Sanjutai , after due thought approached Kawakami foundation of Pune who agreed to provide a grant worth of Rs 10000/- for her further studies in the Nursing course.Sanjutai could convince the foundation of the repayment of the loan on behalf of Ujjwala. Ujjwala applied for the admission into the training institute in Solapur which conducted Nursing Course. She got the admission , however there was a requirement of obtaining the permission from her husband for attending the same.

MBUP provided the necessary letter of guarantee however the permission was required from her husband . The concern was the husband should not trouble her during her studies in the college.

The Anyaaya Nivaran Samitee also works as Alert raising Committee for the tehsil in coordination with the police force. Sanjutai decided to approach DSP Singhal . Mr Singhal heard the whole story and himself took the patronage of Ujjwala. She got the admission into the college.

This is an example of how the life of a helpless woman got transformed through the tireless efforts of Anyaaya Nivaran Samitee of Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan.