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Aruna Ramesh Salunkhe |   Pramila Mande   | Back to List
I was brought up in Akluj( Maharashtra ) however got married to a person from Bidar ,Karnataka. My husband used to work at Sangli. There were property disputes within the In laws about which I was totally ignorant. I used to be scared about the well being of my husband. I was pregnant one year after the marriage and came to my native place. I delivered a baby girl. Within a month my husband and father in law were killed because of the property dispute. It was a shock to me and due to language problems I could do the final rituals of my husband with great difficulty as the same was to be done in Kanataka.

I returned to Akluj thinking of survival and decided to come to Sangola where my brothers used to work.I stayed there for seven to eight months only thinking how to survive in this world with the responsibility of an infant. Then I met Shakuntal Takle who took me to Sanjutai ( of MBUP ) to find a way out of this desperate situation. I told her the story. She told me that it was very difficult to claim back the property rights as the In laws'area was falling under Karnatak's jurisdiction. She then directed me to Sumantai who was looking after the training of nursery course on behalf of “Vanasthali”. I completed the course in six months successfully and started running a nursery (Play group ). I used to conduct the Balwadi under a tree for one year. However I needed some place on rent. Vanasthali was paying only for my services. Meeting the requirement for rented place was impossible . I went back to Sanjutai. This time there was a need for trained attendant in the hospital. However it required completion of a training course in Nursing . I did not have money and had to borrow it . Sanjutai left me there and I had to stay alone for 3 months. I was worried of completing the course . However the staff was very well trained and very nice to me . I learnt all the traits of Nursing within three months and completed the program successfully. These were theory classes followed by three months practical experience . I did it under the supervision of Sanjutai in her hospital in Sangola. She also sent me to Mahud for further training to Mahud for gaining experience in attending deliveries. Subsequently I joined Kelkar hospital as an attendant.

My daughter started going in school and the need for earning more increased. I joined a self Help group and borrowed Rs 500. I can make aritistic ornaments . I realized that selling these could provide me an additional income . Fortunately through the marketing chain of SHGs under MBUP I started selling these ornaments in Solapur and larger cities and I started getting decent money. Recently I also successfully completed the Nursing course from Yashwantrao Chavan Open University and now I am working as a trained attendant in Kelkar Hospital.

Today I am a satisfied mother of an intelligent daughter and a proud woman who is self sufficient . I owe this to MBUP and Sanjutai without whom I would not have been able to see the Rays at the end of the tunnel … !!