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I live in the village called Rajapur. We were neither having any resident physician or a consultancy centre for medical purpose in our village.When I came to know about Mobile Medical van being run by Mata Balak I became curious about it.The van used tovisit our village every Sunday and the trained staff used to provide us the necessary counseling and the medication as well. That is how I came to know about MBUP as an organization. Soon they started imparting training to the ladies in our village about Health and Hygiene. Twelve ladies from twelve villages underwent this training program and I was one of them. We learnt about diseases and their causes, infection due to bacteria and viruses , Infectious diseases , their causes and prevention, care to be taken during pregnancy ( pre – natal care) and also

of the newly born babies , the first aid kit and its usage etc. Practical training was conducted for measurement of blood pressure , measurement of heart beats of the baby during pre- natal stage, Haemoglobin content in the blood and for deciding and preparing the balanced diet.

I was designated as “Arogyadoot” ( the Healthcare provider ) after the successful completion of the training.I began my work with full of confidence and soon I found people flocking my house for obtaining medical support . I realized the importance of peoples' trust in me and decided to open a grocery shop. Today it runs very well , thanks to the encouragement and support provided by MBUP.

My daughter is undergoing education in a medical college and my son shined in the state debate competition by securing the first rank.I have full support from my husband. I would like to state that I could prosper in all walks of life due to the influence MBUP and its team . After becoming the Aarogyadoot (Healthcare provider for the village ) for my village I have become an integral part of MBUP which for me is a matter of great pride.