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The International Women's Day was celebrated jointly by “Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan” and “Bharatiya Stree Shakti” at Sangola on 15 th Oct 2011 . Four women were felicitated in presence of Pro. Suman Bua of Kolhpur , for their noteworthy contribution in the field of Agriculture, Social work, Politics, and Spirituality.On behalf of MBUP these women were presented with a Shawl, Shreefal, and a Memento.

Women from the rural areas were involved in the interesting games pertaining to Naga – Panchami (A worship performed to Praise the Snake - God). Around one thousand ladies participated in this gathering and they unanimously expressed their demands as follows –

1) Liquor Free State .
2) Supply of clean and safe Potable water.
3) Uninterrupted supply of electric power for farming
4) Adequate supply of Iron containing tablets for women.
5) Crutches for the infants of women Farm- labor.

Last session was conducted by Dr Madhavi Rayate who discussed the various facets of relationship between the mother and the daughter which touched everyone.

Everyone left the venue with the underlying message that every mother should treat her daughter as her closest friend!


A gathering named “Aamhi Yashaswini” was held in Sangola on 26 th Feb 2012 with the financial assistance provided by The Officer “Women and Child Development “, Solapur.

Live interviews of twelve women entrepreneurs were conducted in which the ladies shared their success stories. They narrated as to how their lives along with their family members were transformed through the association with Self Help groups run by Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan. These stories turned out to be quite inspirational for the thousand odd ladies gathered for the program.

Mrs Shakuntala Khadatare was felicitated by “ Dr Tara Godbole Shramalaxmi Puraskar”. Shakunatala started and brought prosperity to her footware business with the help from SHGs and through the guidance provided by MBUP. It was classical case of an illiterate lady achieving great success. As of now the turnover of her business is more than Rs 80000/ - per month. They have fifteen workers in their workshop and all work like family members. She dreams of providing quality education to her daughter to make her Independent and self sufficient.

Nayana Sahasrabuddhe, the president of “ Bharatiya Stree Shakti” was the chief guest of the program. She provided valuable inputs on the branding of the products developed by ladies of these SHGs.

Mr Varadrajan , the Zonal manager , State Bank of India presided over the program. He expressed total satisfaction over the working of these SHGs steered by MBUP and expressed that SBI would provide full support to the SHGs.


A school bus was donated to Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan ( Sangola ), jointly  by Rotory Club of Bloomington , Sunset Normal ( U.S.), Rotory foundation and Rotory District 3132 .
This grand function was held at the main square of Sangola in the august presence of Rt Mohan Deshpande , Rt Zubin Amaria , Rt. Venkatesh Menon , and other rotarians. MLA from Sangola Mr Ganapatraoji Deshmukh,  MLA Deepakaba Salunkhe Patil, and past MLA Advocate Shajibapu Patil also graced the occasion with their presense.

Chief guest MLA Deepakaba Salunkhe Patil praised MBUP by stating that the organization has raised the Glory of Sangola . Advocate Shahajibapu Patil said that this occasion of donating the school bus jointly be Rotory club ( Bloomington ) and Rotory club (Sangola) is a matter of great esteem for both MBUP and Sangola.
Ganapatrao Deshmukh ( MLA ) , who presided the function said that MBUP started  the school about 30 years ago with the intention of providing Quality Education to the children in and around Sangola. Along with the education , it has also implemented variety of improvement projects , and have been the
recipient of  several awards . He also acknowledged the social work carried out by Rotory club which has provided relief to the poor masses.

Rt. Hamid Shaikh and Rt Mohan Deshpande explained the background and selection criteria for choosing the organization for donating the school bus. Dr Sanjeevani Kelkar explained that they have successfully  developed this school on the concepts of the ideal school proposed by Dr. A.P.J. Kalam. She said that this school is dedicated to the holistic development of children and its   graph of success is ever climbing  for the past 28 years.  She also explained the background about this initiative and narrated her experience with Rotory club since her visit to US last year till the receipt of the keys of the bus !.

MBUP has started std V in the school from this academic year.The schoolbus is a big motivator for those who come from far away places but who has the urge to learn.


18TH June was the first day when the Vth standard class was held. Dr. Nishigandha Mali , The President of Solapur Zilla Parishad inaugurated the class. It is intended to add one class every year to to facilitate the education upto 10th standard for the children.The teachers have been committed to materialize the concept of the school as dreamt by  Dr. A. P .J. Abdul  Kalam .

Our teahers  provide value based education to the students for their holistic development and to orient them to various aspects of life.

Mrs Jayamalatai Gaikwad, the chairperson of the “women – children welfare “wing of Solapur Zilla Parishad  inaugurated the Website matabalak.org of Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan . Now MBUP will be known all across the world due to this website.

Dr Nishigandha Mali described this school as the best school in the Solapur District. She said that she would have kept her daughters in this school had their been hostel facility. She also added that this school is not only curriculum based but it also provides the students an exposure to the nature and its resources which builds them into strong citizens.