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I am a proud mother of a son who is working as a PRINCIPAL in a college in Chakan ! When I look back at my life an amazing story unfolds which highlights the transformation brought about by education.

I was raised in family of 7 with no background of formal education and with severe financial constraints. Somehow my parents and grandparents managed my schooling till std 7 th where it abruptly stopped. I had urge to learn but could do nothing .I started taking care of household chores as both my parents were working. I got married at the age of 14 and came to Sangola where my in laws stayed. Incidentally, Suman, my closest friend became my sister in law.

It was a joint family of 20 persons at my in laws' house with hardly any background of education. My husband had completed secondary schooling and was helping my father in law in their trading business. With several children in the family, large household and severe restrictions on the ladies it was extremely difficult for me to even think of further schooling. In the meanwhile I had delivered a son, followed by 3 daughters, one after the other. There was no lady doctor which I knew and no question family planning.

I used to go out , once in a while only with Suman for some social function etc. Once she told me about a women's group and took me there. I found learned women talking on several interesting social subjects. With four children and working in large household I somehow found time to attend these meetings which ignited my urge to do something worthwhile. My visits to these meetings were criticized by family as well as other ladies staying nearby. However I pursued my liking and requested Sanjutai to give me some Work in “Balwadi “Fortunately, even with limited education I got the opportunity. I decided to do postal course for pre – primary education. I completed it. In 1984 -85 the school started 1 st standard. I had to complete my secondary education. After 18 years of gap in formal education I appeared for 10 th STD exam in 1984. I joined school. Arithmetic was replaced by Algebra and Geometry by now. I had to take tuitions. The Headmaster gave lot of help and encouragement. I was sitting in class with students less than half of my age. They used to laugh, so were the neighbors. However my husband supported me and I could complete the SSC in 1986.

Meanwhile the family was facing sever financial problems. I started doing stitching work to earn money along with the household work along with teaching in the school. It was an unending struggle for survival with day starting early in the morning and ending at late night.

In 1989, with lot of efforts I took admission in D Ed College which was 9 kilometers away from my house. My husband used to drop me to college on bi-cycle every day. I completed my D Ed in 1991 and subsequently completed BA as well.

I was determined to provide proper education to my children. All my children got educated and are well placed. My sons in laws are Lawyer and Engineer and as I said in the beginning my son did MA and is holding a prestigious post in a reputed college. I have realized the importance of EDUCATION which I got both through formal as well as informal ways for which I would always remain obliged to Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan.