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A) Utkarsha Pre Primary School
  • Started in 1983, 3323 students succeed up to 2012.
  • Students are trained for their primary education.
  • Special efforts to enrich use of language – story telling thro’ role plays.
  • Special technique to increase English speaking skill.
  • Various games to develop students’ finger muscles .
  • Study tours & projects for awareness of surrounding.
  • Limited no. of students.
  • Regular contact with parents.
  • Use of LCD projector for teaching.
  • Scope for students’ creativity.
  • Guidance & consulting about children’s health with their parents after their check up.
Equipments for children to play Explore Maths through Games Development of the capacity of the fingers Awareness of surrounding through study tours & projects
B) Utkarsha Primary School
  • Students centered school.
  • Scope for self learing by group activities.
  • Importance given to explaining concept than just reciting.
  • Laboratory available for experiments.
  • Library for extra reading.
  • Computer education added in syllabus.
  • Attempt to ignite students' curiosity.
  • Developing English speaking skill.
  • Spacious playground, enough sports equipment- development of physical strength.
  • Separate teachers for music ,drawing
  • Celebration of cultural, national festivals.
  • Competitions for writing ,sports, handwriting ,drawing, painting etc
  • 5/6 students achieve top rank in 4th std scholarship every year.
  • All students have their lunch only after cleaning their hands with soap.
  • Democracy – Class Representative is elected from the classes & a ministry for class management is formed.
  • We make every student participate in gathering.
  • Huge building – 16 classrooms, auditorium, offices, toilets.
  • 4155 students passed  till 2012.
  • From June 2012 school will start 5th standard & with increasing one standard every year school will become high school.
Self learning Computer class Efforts to ignite curiosity of students pleasurable reading – extra Curricular