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I am a 4 th standard pass woman from Balawadi village in Sangola Tehsil , Dist Solapur. We are in the business of Balanket weaving. Wool is produced in this area and it is known traditionally as cottage industry for wollen products. I got introduced to the SHGs through Mrs Shobha Mahankal a coordinator when we were facing financial crisis.Encouraged byher guidance and the support provided by Mata Balak Utkarsh Pratishthan I formed an SHG in my village in year 2008. The benefits were instant. We started getting the needed money much faster and at lower interest rates. Unlike the exploitation of the private money lenders this scheme was very democratic and could run efficiently. I took the responsibility of collecting the money from the members of the SHGs and started doing the bank transactions. This was totally new for a lady who had not stepped out of her house!

I learnt the bank transactions and the working of the SHG which improved my confidence. The SHGs not only provided us the necessary funds when we needed, it also made us save money on a regular basis.

For the past three generations we are into the business of weaving woolen blankets. However through the SHGs and the training programs conducted by MBUP we realized that we could make so many other woolen products. Gopi Krishnan's organization in Belgaon trained us how to make such variety of products. I got trained in making woolen bags, mats and felts having different designs during the one month training program. I also underwent a 15 days' training in making different designs on cut pieces of blankets. This generated self confidence in us in handling our own financial matters to become self sufficient.

One needs financial support to succeed in any kind of business which we got from SHGs. However we need more capital for further growth which we expect the banks to provide.

I got the opportunity to handle my financial matters, to take care of the education of my son and to provide him with value based upbringing. I was also a part of the group which visited Javala to provide training to the ladies for their SHGs. I could teach successfully and could earn some remuneration as well.

Even though less educated, I could improve the life of my family.

I realized that I could achieve on my own, I could go out and handle my work outside my house and at times I could talk to well educated senior people with ease. I felt confident of handling any difficult situation in my life and I can assure that this transformation took place only due to SHGs run by MBUP.

MBUP provided the necessary letter of guarantee however the permission was required from her husband . The concern was the husband should not trouble her during her studies in the college.

The Anyaaya Nivaran Samitee also works as Alert raising Committee for the tehsil in coordination with the police force. Sanjutai decided to approach DSP Singhal . Mr Singhal heard the whole story and himself took the patronage of Ujjwala. She got the admission into the college.

This is an example of how the life of a helpless woman got transformed through the tireless efforts of Anyaaya Nivaran Samitee of Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan.