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Mukta vidya kendra

Really speaking I joined the Mukta Vidya Kendra a little late.

However it was a different experience altogether. I came here to just pass the time on a Sunday. However it got so interesting that it becomes irresistible to come over here. As told by Dada Sawant I also wanted to become someone. However for many years my urge was suppressed due to lack of guidance which I got in this program. Like a stone gets polished and gets converted into a diamond I underwent the polishing in this program.

Everyone gets bad experiences in the society every now and then. I think the root cause lies in the way a child is brought up. If the child is provided with proper “Value Education” like what was impacted by “ Jijau to Sivaji Maharaj” then many of such children could turn out to be like Shivaji Maharaj. The teachers here inculcate the

values in us. They are dedicated and very genuine in their efforts. However when I come out of this class I notice so many wrong doings happening around which frustrates me. The problem is not with these people. The problem is that they might never have got the opportunity to learn from the teachers like those in Mukta Vidya Kendra.Had it been the case we would have seen materializing of “ Mr Kalam's dream “ in front of our own eyes. Even then the work being done by Mata balak Utkarsh Pratishthan through this initiative is remarkable and would definitely result into moulding the new generation into responsible citizens.Such a future generation would take a major responsibility in creating prosperous India.

While I was excited about this program, in came a jolt which shook me inside out. The teacher said “This session may get closed next year …...!!”

I thought – It may close for those who have learnt everything necessary for them through this program, which have absorbed the pool of knowledge and mastered the requisite skills. But for us – No, we do not want this to be closed.. This must continue for us year after year. There is a story of a great scientist who learnt a lot. However he used only 13 % of his brain while doing research. This indicates how vast the capacity of our brain is what we can achieve.

I would remember each and every moment spent here, the teachers, their teaching, the learning and the fun. Let the new batch of students join this program the next year and let the dissipation of knowledge continue.

Last but not the least I would like to narrate my feelings through the following poem-

Mukta Vidya Kendra is the Sea of learning,
Here Nectar of knowledge is everyone's earning.
Through Reading and Knowhow development will surge,
To create “A Powerful India” is our ultimate urge.
To understand each other is a great Idea
In order to make a prosperous India.
For us there is only one urge and one Goal,
To transform our country to a special Place.
Through Mukta Vidya Kendra – our heart and soul,
The development will happen at amazing Pace!!