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I stay in Sangola and I am a member of an SHG in our locality.

I have two sons and a daughter .I used to do small business in spinning wool . The income was not stable. My husband was addicted to liquor. The demand for the woolen thread reduced drastically resulting in closing down of my business.I used to save five paise every day and had collected Rs 300/ - . I started selling tobacco , toffees, nuts etc and earn just enough money to make both the ends meet.

My elder son passed higher secondary exams and went to Mumbai where he started working as construction contractor. He started supporting the family in a little way. I got him married . Meanwhile I was associated with an SHG and borrowed money for a grocery shop which started running well.

My younger son also went to Mumbai and started working as a driver. However he lost job and remained jobless for an year. He was at home which became a matter of grave concern. I agains borrowed money from SHG and purchased a four wheeler transport van which son started using for transporting goods.He got established into this business and I could repay all the loan without a single event of a default. My daughter did D. Ed. with the help of SHG and now doing courses related to computers.

We could understand the problems and issue of our colleagues as we got closer through SHGs. We learned to solve our problems due to the help and guidance provided by Jayashree Salunke,our SHG co-ordinator who represented MBUP through the SHGs. We became more confident in taking our own decisions and their implementations. We started collaborating with each other.

As I look back I strongly feel that I could not have progressed without the help of SHGs for which I will always remain obliged to MBUP.