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This is an excerpt from the speech given by Mrs Khadatare on the occasion of the receipt of “ Shramalakshmi Puraskar”. “Today I feel overwhelmed to receive the Late “ Tarabai Godbole” Shramalakshmi Puraskar ( A prize given to appreciate the power of labour). This I feel is an acknowledgement of the hardship I went through in my life. I was totally illiterate , even to the extent that I was not able to read and write when I got married. My husband was a post graduate in commerce. His relatives advised not to go for this relation and to look for another well educated girl. However our fate was going to be different.We got married , began our married life . However he could not get a job.He decied and started working in a foot ware workshop.By that time I had heard about Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan( MBUP ) and its

activites. They were conducting training program on spinning on Meleri Charkha (A type of spinning machine ) . I completed the training and even started spinning .I became a member of Rohidas SHG. I saw the boldness with which the ladies worked and it created a deep impact on me. I borrowed Rs 5000/ - from SHG and added another Rs 5000/- which I had saved painstakingly without anyone's knowledge..We bought raw material and started making footware and selling them as well.I received very good support from my husbandright from the beginning.which helped me to master the technicalities of this business. It improved decision making and implementation as well.

I have two sons and a daughter and all of them passed out from MBUP's Utkarsha Primary School with the help of concession in the fees.The teachers in the school have imbibed great social values in them and they work with me wholeheartedly. The business has grown subsequently and now we have 15 workers with us. I treat them as members of our family. My transactions are transparent which has resulted into a high credibility in the market.We have purchased two small vans to transport our raw material and finished goods.There is big demand of our products in the weekly held markets in Chadchan,Jat and Mangalvedha. The weekly turnover is around Rs 80000/ -.

Our day starts early in the morning and we work till late night. My husband and I have maintained healthy relations between us and imbibed essential values like Hard work , honesty and integrity. We have kept our children away from addiction. Now I am dreaming of providing good education to my daughter so that she becomes a strong and self reliant individual.. I once again thank my family members , MBUP and all those who showered their love and affection and supported me in difficult times to make me eligible to this honour of Shramalakshmi Puraskar . May such tribe grow.