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I got married to a divorcee and was childless till the age of thirty five. My husband was a drunkard and he was jobless . I had to run the family by working in the field on daily wages. I delivered as son followed by another in a couple of years. I had bought two buffalos by borrowing from private money lenders. However both of them died which left me frustrated and helpless. That is when I came across Rijwana Bhabhi and the SHGs run by Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan( MBUP)..

The ladies of the SHGs provided the much need mental support and pursued me to take loan from SHG.named Yashashree of which I became member subsequently. I then bought one more Buffalo.It turned out to be very healthy and could give lot of milk. Gradually the number of buffalos increased to five. I sold two of them and used the money for my son's education.My financial condition improved as I could generate Rs 80000 from milk given by remaining two buffalos.

I got loan from Kawakami foundation and bought one goat.She could not survive. However I took care of two siblings which she produced.Today I have eleven goats and eight siblings generated out of these two !!

I could construct a house of four rooms with the strong backing of SHG. My elder sons is doing MCA and I am proud to state that he stands first in his class.. Recently he received first prize worth Rs 3000/- in the computer programming competition. Meanwhile he got married to girl who has completed 12 th standard. Currently she is helping me in buffalo and goat rearing , however my son has decided to put her into Computer science course once he completes it. My younger son executes plumbing contracts and he is on his own. My husband has left drinking and he does not trouble the family any more.

I worked honestly and worked hard right from the beginning . MBUP showed me the path to success. In all my difficult times the organization stood behind me solidly which boosted my confidence to face and surmount the difficulties. I hope that MBUP continues to do this noble work of uplifting the down trodden families in our society.